Why i love the summer holidays

I am a big nature lover.

Why i love the summer holidays

Hotel rooms have everything you need for a pleasant stay: The pictures on the wall are always properly aligned, and everything always functions perfectly. Someone else makes sure that everything if functional, neat and tidy only for you.

A hotel room is made to accommodate you in the best possible way, to offer everything you need and to spare you from anything that could bother you.

Relax and enjoy yourself and leave the rest to us. Hotel rooms are known for having terraces with views that are perfect for enjoyment. You can sit like that for a short while or for hours. While you enjoy yourself, someone else makes lunch and cleans up everything that needs tidying.

You only have to sit back and enjoy your well-deserved holiday and the magnificent views. If you want, you can have a workout in the gym.

School's out for summer. Is it time to give kids a break? - The Globe and Mail

You can have a cake and coffee, buy an attractive souvenir or just sit and enjoy the moment relaxing on a comfortable hotel sofa. You can connect to the Wi-Fi or read a book. A hotel is a smaller version of a town but with good amenities. A hotel is the best of life, where everything is within a five-minute-walk.

Surrender to a well-deserved holiday. My child once happily answered the question about what we had had for dinner in the Hotel Vespera: The child readily listed what could be found on the buffet table: And you can take whatever you want!

Why i love the summer holidays

Delighted with this abundance, the child added: There were more tables with food than those to sit at. We laughed at this, although there was nothing wrong with the statement: All these dishes were prepared by professionals with great care and attention.

Everything is fine, tasty and nicely laid out. You are just spoilt for choice between fish and meat, sauces and grilled dishes, zucchini and mushrooms, seafood and enticing salads.

Excellent food and super service are waiting for you! And then, after dinner, there is music on the hotel terrace. Here, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a tasty cocktail in a laid-back atmosphere. The people are relaxed.

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They are the same people that nervously honk their horns in traffic jams, but here they are all cheerful, their faces beautifully tanned, happy and smiling. Pleasant terraces with attractive views, the skilful hands of the masseurs and aromatherapists, the invisible yet indispensable care of the hotel staff, the plentiful buffet where you can treat your palate, the enchanting feeling of sea, sun, salt, beauty and satisfaction: You know that cheerful laughter coming from hotel terraces in the summertime?

This is the final goal of hotel teams. To make you relax and discover the happiest and most satisfied part of yourself.

A hotel is the only place in the world whose primary task is to take care of you, your needs, wishes and satisfaction 24 hours a day. Every profession has its duties, its mission and what it strives for. The mission of a hotel is to make you feel good.

Not good but great! Spaces created by imaginative architects, with superb materials, an original design, intoxicating scents, discrete ambient lighting, cheerful personnel, beauty and health treatments in attractively designed rooms, and enchanting gardens full of splendid flowers and beautifully shaped plants.

Providing accommodation is never just about taking care of basic needs.Two families, two very different approaches to the holidays.

One is all about letting their children play – no classes, no camp, no schedule – while the other is sending their kids to. The summer is an excellent time to begin an exercise programme.

Not only do summer clothes provide an incentive to get the body in shape, but the feel-good factor created by sunlight boosts our. The British royals tend to migrate to Scotland over the summer, with the Queen spending most of her time at Balmoral Castle.

Find out why the royals love their summer holidays there.


Close Sections. Aaah Summer! The weather is wonderful. Family and friends come together for memorable outdoor activities. Vacations start! You can take in your town's local attractions, or jet set to exotic locations with family and friends.

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