The leadership qualities of odysseus and shakleton essay

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The leadership qualities of odysseus and shakleton essay

Hire Writer Maintaining relationships with your crew is crucial to completing a journey successfully. This could have been avoided if Odysseus had a better relationship with his crew and if they actually listened to each other. On the contrary Shackelton cares about his men he even insisted that they socialize after dinner as a tonic for declining morale.

Furthermore a balance between task and interpersonal relations is vital to being a hero. The ability to stay on track during an adventure is another key aspect in being a leader. I would say that both Odysseus and Shackelton have problems with staying on track.

Both of them let the group ramble or stay off track too much. Staying on track is extremely important, without it you will become unsuccessful in your journey home. Both these leaders achieve greatly in some of these categories but also lack in others.

Even though both leaders struggled in their journey home with men perishing and not being able to reach their goal, both Odysseus and Shackelton are great leaders and in different ways. How to cite this page Choose cite format:The Leadership Qualities of Odysseus and Shakleton.

There are many different characteristics that make a person a true leader.

Leadership qualities of Odysseus throughout the book Essay Example for Free

Odysseus is a fictional character from a . Odysseus is a fictional character from a fantasy epic poem known as “The Odyssey.” He traveled on a twenty year journey with many men along with him but in the end all of his men perished; Odysseus can be classified as a leader and a hero along with a man named Ernest Shackleton.

Odysseus is a good leader because he thinks a lot of things through. Therefore, he knows what to do ahead of time. Another reason Odysseus is a good leader is that he knows when to trust his crew.

Odysseus can be a bad leader because he doesn’t always tell his crew everything.

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Also, he doesn’t always have common sense. This essay analyzes the main character in The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus. Odysseus gives hope to his crew, makes the right choices throughout his journey, and is committed.

These points support my thesis that Odysseus is a great leader.


This essay is really long (in a good way) and has a lot of details. Free Essay: Qualities of a Good Leader Monkey see monkey do; that is how people in a community follow their leader. The Ideal Qualities of a Leader Essay Words | 11 Pages.

A Good Leader: Odysseus and Gilgamesh Words | 6 Pages + Popular Essays. An Inside Look at Cheetas Essay; The Archaic and Classical Greek Periods Essay;. Odysseus and his men make many attempts to make their way home.

The leadership qualities of odysseus and shakleton essay

Over a course of 10 years, Odysseus and his men make many dangerous, yet exciting journeys across the Mediterranean Sea. A good leader should have self-control, physical strength and a lot of perseverance.

I think Odysseus shows those characteristics plenty of time throughout the epic.

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