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Hiroshi Takemura JapaneseJohn Culkin English, Omni Productions dubGiorgio Melazzi Italian The events that would bring Ginrai into contact with the Transformers began an indeterminate number of years ago, when the super-energy alien being and self-styled "Decepticon god" Devil Z stole several transtectorsincluding one intended to be used by the legendary Autobot leader Optimus Primefrom an area of space known as the G Nebula. It rides up the crotch. Through undivulged circumstances, the transtector intended for Prime assumed the form of a red tractor trailer cab and came to rest in a small Esso garage in California.

Secrets of the moon antithesis blog

Gipsy Danger has " swords that whip out " in both arms. Tacit Ronin also has large pair of large, retractable blades below its wrists as shown in its shot in the intro. Crimson Typhoon's buzzsaw hands might also count as well. A damaged Gipsy Danger plants its sword in the ground during the Final Battle to avoid being knocked over by the shockwave of Striker Eureka's nuke detonating.

Knifehead and Scunner each have a pair of arms that look as if the bones in them are splitting apart. Her eyes are on her lower jaw, she has blade-like growths pretty much everywhere on her body, and her mouth, located on her forehead, makes her appear mouthless when it's closed.

Raiju has a notably crocodile-like head. Except that that's actually just a hood for his real head — it's the toothy tongue-like appendage inside his triple-hinged "jaws" that is his genuine mug. Hannibal Chau's place can be entered through a secret door at the Chinese shop.

Gipsy Danger's fighting style boils down to a combination of Combat Pragmatist and Improvised Weapon from anything it can grab from the surroundings. Less Secrets of the moon antithesis blog than the synchronized styles that the other Jaegers use, but it turns out to be the most effective.

Its weaponry is also relatively tame compared to the others but its Blade Below the Shoulder and Plasma Caster turn out to be quite versatile. The three Kaiju defending the Rift.

Unlike the movie's two middle Kaiju, Slattern and the others don't have acid spitting or fancy EMP weapons. They do have toughness, their claws and tails and bodies that make it very easy for them to swim.

The portal is keyed to open only to Kaiju, so in order to get past that restriction, Gipsy Danger tackles the final one and dives through the portal with it, killing it on the way down.

The Humongous Mecha were set to be decommissioned after a huge wall was built around the pacific ocean to keep the giant alien monsters out. The completed wall doesn't last more than an hour against one of the monsters. Break Out the Museum Piece: Considering the entire Jaeger program was being scrapped, all the existing Jaegers technically fell under this trope, even Striker Eureka, the newest and most advanced Jaeger.

Cherno Alpha is the only Mark I Jaeger still operating and should have been retired. Gipsy Danger was an obsolete and junked Mark III, but enough of it was intact Pentecost had it retrieved and repaired using modern tech.

This becomes plot-relevant when a Kaiju with an EMP shows up and shuts down all the remaining Jaegers — except Gipsy, whose older-model systems are resistant.

Gipsy Danger loses an arm twice, and both times, it's on Raleigh's hemisphere of Gipsy. Hannibal Chau's golden shoes are prominently displayed in his Feet-First Introductionbut he loses one when he gets eaten by the baby Kaiju. When Chau cuts his way out during The Stingerthe first thing he does is demand to know where his shoe went.

At the end of the Action PrologueRaleigh stumbles out of a collapsed Gipsy Danger with the faceplate over his helmet reduced to a few broken pieces around the edges and the right shoulder of his suit torn off, showing what he just went through.

A mutual one between Newt and Hermann. According to the supplementary materials, the two got to know one another via long distance correspondence and felt an immense kinship due to their shared interest in the Kaiju threat.

After years of exchanging letters, they finally arranged to meet in person and within minutes of meeting face-to-face, gained an almost instantaneous dislike of one another. They both also hate each other's theories. Newt is a experimental researcher while Hermann is a theoretical one.

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The pedestals are rebuilt when they drift with each other to learn of the Kaiju's plans and when both of their theories are proven correct earning them mutual respect for each other. When we are introduced to Becket's workplace at the wall, the camera pan over the construction site is covered in showers of sparks from the welding going on.

Later when Becket sees the inside of Jaeger facility there is scolding sparks visible in the background, emphasizing the notion that this is a place where things are getting done.

Bus Full of Innocents: A boat in the Action Prologueas a crew of Alaskan fishermen are caught in the middle of the battle between Knifehead and Gipsy Danger. Hannibal Chau uses one to intimidate Newt and poke him in the nose and taunt a dead Kaiju with.

Also to cut himself free from the belly of a dead Kaiju. The former is justified as Raleigh telling Mako to activate it; the latter is more of an example of the triplets' coordination.

Mostly it's just Rule of Cool and a Shout-Out to the film's inspirations.Secrets Of The Moon 03 - Condemnation (Of The Inferiority) Enviar por correo electrónico Escribe un blog Compartir con Twitter Compartir con Facebook Compartir en Pinterest. The Sound of Silence The Antithesis of Freedom [Editor's Note: This is an extremely timely and important essay.

It overviews a secret Pentagon psychotronics technology known as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS or "quad S") that has been fully operational since the early s.

I first found out about the use of this technology from Al Bielek in a video he made with Vladimir Terziski.

Secrets of the moon antithesis blog

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