Philips sense and simplicity

I hit the power button. I try the tv button. I kick off the blankets and trudge over to turn off the miserable box at the source. Why is so much technology still so hard?

Philips sense and simplicity

I am honoured to be here. Whilst the theme for the conference is opportune given the times, much has been said and written about innovation and all that it entails.

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Can seemingly simple, in your face solution be regarded as innovation? Bring 27th Century today. Think 27th century today?

Business Week, in its April issue this year listed the 50 most innovative companies in the world. In my mind, innovation is not in itself an innovation if it does not serve to better our current state of being.

Philips sense and simplicity

Creativity is not in itself creative if the idea cannot be turned into practice. Great inventions are not necessarily innovation.

Philips sense and simplicity

They are just that — — great inventions. We can bandy words about for advertisement mileage and get on the bandwagon of campaigns, but none will matter if we are not able to produce that which betters the lives of the people we are here to serve.

Thomas Edison, the well known American Inventor who invented light bulbs amongst many others was asked by his assistant, Rosanoff: Edison, please tell me what laboratory rules you want me to observe.

Great ideas means nothing if it is not delivered for use. Simple ones become great achievements, when they reach the lines on utilisation, when they are useful. Hegemonic change in public sector can only truly come about when we each embrace the simplicities of what makes innovation. Regurgitating the word innovative, innovation, invention as many times, will not magically produce innovation.

Often it is the small improvements on existing procedures, operations and ways of doing business that could cumulatively result in big changes. The simple white page led to faster download times making Google the most profitable brands of the times, today.

Localising this to the public sector, we need to only ask one of two questions. Does it make things simpler without compromising integrity of the process; and, is this what the customers need? As simple as these questions may seem, there are too many examples in the Service that has missed answering of these questions objectively.

We have, therefore, many great inventions, but very few real innovations. This process once took up to 30 days. Today this only takes 24 hours. Why and what happened?

Did the people in the office change? Did we invest in high end technology? Or did we just change the approval processes and do away with redundant processes and procedures? The answer lies in doing away with redundant procedures and processes.

With almost no investment in additional technology, we can move from a frustrating 30 day wait for a customer to just one day.

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The same with payment of invoices. Three years ago this can take up to 6 months, some of the contractors used to concede, 3 months was good. Today it takes 14 days, and if not done within that, the incumbent could claim within 24 hours. In essence we do not have to change our service providers.

All we need to do is change our mindset and our attitude to providing service, in the true sense. What changed in enabling all these?

What changed was mindset of doing business!ridib K Das at Philips Electron-ics India has an important task – to efficiently fund the company’s pro-duction cycle and allocate internal capital to its best uses. Strategi-cally, India stands as an important and attractive market for Philips.

sense and simplicity. By ‘sense’, Philips meant “intimately understanding the needs and aspirations ofconsumers and customers in order to develop innovative solutions” while simplicity referred to“easy to experience” ( per the new brand promise, the company was to develop simple user-friendly products withsimple designs after.

Royal Philips NV, the major Dutch brand, anchors their brand promise on a theme of “Sense and Simplicity”. They first understand the people they are serving, and then develop a product to suit it .

NEW YORK Royal Philips Electronics this week launched the second phase of its “Sense and Simplicity” brand campaign. The effort, via Omnicom Group’s DDB in . May 21,  · Surely this product is consistent with PHILIPS’ mantra sense and simplicity: the company, since far past, has been delivering new, relevant and easy to experience benefits of technology, trying to improve people’s life.

Philips Sense and Simplicity - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The presence of physical borders between countries has become meaningless for business organizations to much extent due to globalization of markets.

Philips Electronics: "SENSE AND SIMPLICITY" Print Ad by DDB New York