Pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh essay writer

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Pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh essay writer

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. With a history since s, the industry has now turned one of the most successful pharmaceuticals manufacturing industry among the developing countries.

The industry has been experiencing robust growth over the last few years. A local industry supporting drug policy and effective regulatory framework, along with TRIPS relaxations are the key reasons for success of the industry.

In addition, an API project has already been undertaken to accelerate the vertical integration within the industry. The industry has been expanding locally and internationally. Almost all the firms are upgrading their facilities and taking up precautions for post scenario, while aggressively expanding in both local and export markets.

Square Pharmaceuticals Limited In Bangladesh Business Essay

While TRIPS and import dependence on raw materials put challenges to the growing sector, prospect of the sector depends largely on the interactions among the players, regulatory bodies and the govt.

Being part of healthcare sector, its performance is related to demographic variables like population growth as well as economic growth and healthcare policy.

In our country, with improving demographic characteristics, recent economic growth and favorable policy, the industry has seen good growth. The following table represents changes in our demographic variables, economic growth and performance of Pharmaceuticals industry — Industry overview A brief history the history of Pharmaceuticals industry dates back to s.

pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh essay writer

Over the years, the industry has gone through some significant changes. After liberation inthe industry was largely dominated by MNCs, and the country was very much import dependent.

Since then, the local firms have established a stronger foothold, and the country has become from an import dependent to an active exporter of pharmaceuticals products. Attop 5 MNCs have approximately 9. Industry Structure The industry has some distinct features compared to other countries.


At present, there is approximately manufacturers, with approximately branded generics in Bangladesh pharmaceuticals market. Companies basically manufacture finished formulation by assembling known generic and patented in some cases product combination.

Some firms have been engaged in producing APIs, the core of pharmaceutical products, but these productions are limited to synthesis stage final stage only. Since then, market structure has changed, and now local firms dominate the industry.

Being Branded-generic product oriented business, manufacturers usually are able to charge a premium for established brands, and enjoy a relatively stable market share. As a result, the list of top performing firms have been quite consistent over the years, with the leader, Square pharmaceuticals topping since Over the last three years, the top 4 players are consistent, with 5th to 10th position interchanged among 6 market players.

Thus the market is very much concentrated.


Due to the branded generic nature of products, companies are usually able to charge a premium price, while enjoy stable position. As a result, the top performing companies in the industry are relatively consistent over the years, often along with their respective market position.

The market leader is Square pharmaceuticals, which have enjoyed the top position since At present, it has a The next player is Incepta, followed by Beximco, Acme, Opsonin, and others.

pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh essay writer

The top 10 firms are almost the same over the years, often with little change in order. Market share of the top 10 firms over two years are presented 2. Threat of substitute products or services Pharmaceutical industry is facing competitive product market domestically.

Availability of substitute products prohibiting companies to do monopoly business in the market. Again this threats force low brand image companies to stop production of this products.Pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh analysis essay By Essay 10 write an essay on the supreme sacrifice of sydney carton ban smoking on college campuses essay writer dues dones que ballen argument essay (good ways to start a conclusion in a research paper) the world in 50 years essay writing how to write an autobiographical essay for.

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Pharmaceutical Industry essays A Look Into Pharmaceuticals:Phases of Drug Development and Career Options New medicines are always being discovered and developed.

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Their benefits are felt by people all over the world. But, while you can clearly see the improvements they make to millions of people&apo. DISCUSSION PAPER PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR APPROACHES TO IMPROVING PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY IN BANGLADESH Janet Bumpas Kees Kostermans Dinesh Nair.

So in this competitive market, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship company, is holding the strong management position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh and is currently coming to becoming a high performance global player.

Industry analysis on pharmaceutical industry Essay Sample. Abstract Pharmaceutical is the core of Bangladesh’s Healthcare sector, and serves as one of the most important manufacturing industry.

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