Fstab mount user read write and think

Fstab file is edited to configure filesystems. The process is really easier if you are well versed with fstab file. Continue reading to know more about fstab and how things work.

Fstab mount user read write and think

This mechanism allows unix machines to share files and directories over network. Using this feature, a linux machine can mount a remote directory residing in a NFS server machine just like a local directory and can access files from it. The default syntax for fstab entry of NFS mounts is as follows.

fstab mount user read write and think

This should be replaced with the exact hostname or IP address of the NFS server where the exported directory resides. This should be replaced with the exact shared directory exported folder path. This should be replaced with an existing directory in the server where you want to mount the NFS share.

You can specify a number of mount points which you want to set on the NFS mount. We will go through the important mount options which you may consider while mounting a NFS share.

When the NFS server comes back online, the process can be continued from where it was while the server became unresponsive. So, it is recommended to use hard and intr options.

This option defines the time in tenths of a second the NFS client waits for a response before it retries an NFS request.

Your Fstab File

This allows NFS requests to be interrupted if the server goes down or cannot be reached. Using the intr option is preferred to using the soft option because it is significantly less likely to result in data corruption.

Specified rsize values lower than are replaced with ; values larger than are replaced with If a specified value is within the supported range but not a multiple ofit is rounded down to the nearest multiple of The number of times the NFS client retries a request before it attempts further recovery action.

If the retrans option is not specified, the NFS client tries each request three times. The NFS client generates a "server not responding" message after retrans retries, then attempts further recovery depending on whether the hard mount option is in effect.

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Prevents execution of binaries on mounted file systems. This is useful if the system is mounting a non-Linux file system via NFS containing incompatible binaries. Disables set-user-identifier or set-group-identifier bits.

This prevents remote users from gaining higher privileges by running a setuid program. You can mount the NFS share just like you mount a local folder. Love traveling, blogging and listening music.

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share | improve this question. contrary to NTFS that does not have any linux permissions associated per file and thus takes such arguments from the fstab mount. Getting acquainted with fstab can make the whole process a lot easier, and it’s much easier than you think.

An important note is that “user” automatically implies “noexec” so if you need to execute binaries and still mount as a user, be sure to explicitly use “exec” as an option.

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