Essays about tattoos in the workplace

Tattoos in the Workplace:

Essays about tattoos in the workplace

More Essay Examples on Tattoo Rubric Despite some taboos surrounding tattooing, the art continues to be popular in many parts of the world.

King Alfonso of modern Spain also has a tattoo. In present-day society, tattoos are becoming more common.

In the USA many prisoners and criminal gangs use distinctive tattoos to indicate facts about their criminal behavior, prison sentences, and organizational affiliation. Body Art is a form of communication that is as old as the human race itself. I am the LORD.

Are Tattoos Still Taboo in the Workplace? | Essay Example

Some religious beliefs are slightly different. People tend to judge others by what the Bible has instructed us to believe. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself individually. They are seen on entertainers, athletes and public figures. Anything the school administrator views as a distraction in the classroom is very likely a negative factor.

Most forget their teachers and look for others as a role model. More than half the military members, athletes, and entertainers have tattoos. So the question is, why do people view them differently concerning tattoos?

If teachers are considered role models, why should they be judged on their appearances when they tend to have the same look as military members, athletes, and entertainers.

Coworkers and customers see tattoos in different ways when dealing with business. Tattoos are much more acceptable in the gym than in the office.

When dealing with stocks and bonds or selling real estate, tattoos might draw people away. Potential clients may be intimidated and lack confidence in your abilities as a professional. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology published in Juneabout half of people in their 20s have either a tattoo or a body piercing other than traditional earrings.

Some employers are updating their dress codes while others are adding new rules to cover up tattoos.

Essays about tattoos in the workplace

The problem that can arise is that the old stereotypes are being challenged and leading to lawsuits. Employers are saying that in 10 years it may change, but suit-and-tie businesses may not.

These types of employers are drawn more to the conservative type of dress codes. Qualifications should speak for themselves. In this day and age people are becoming more used to the ideas rather than relying on the past.

When someone looks at you, they are not just looking at appearances anymore. They look at you as a person. Almost everyone has something to bring to the table. Working with people with tattoos is no different from working with someone without tattoos.

Looks are the first criteria we have to assess a person.Are tattoos appropriate in the workplace Deliverable Length: Demonstration of prewriting technique, topic sentence outline, and at least word first-draft essay For Unit 3, you will submit a project that includes a demonstrated prewriting technique, a topic sentence outline, and a draft essay that resulted from your prewriting and outline.

With about 45 million people in the US — or 14% of the population — sporting at least one tattoo, ink is finally becoming more accepted by society. However, stigma about tattoos still exists.

Tattoos used to be considered part of a counterculture. It’s probably a fair statement to say that for years, many people associated tattoos with gangs, bikers, and other groups that were thought to operate outside of the social center. Tattoos are more popular than ever before.

Getting ink has gone from subculture to pop culture. Personal expression has limits though. Depending on the job, many are asked to hide their tattoos.

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Essays about tattoos in the workplace

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