Dental record

The school clinic is exclusively for school personnel faculty, staff and students. One of the problems of the school clinic is the monitoring. There are times that some outsider come into the clinic and ask for a medicine not knowing if they are students because they just let them logged in and they not checked the school ID. A motivation for health care providers to implement this technology derives from the need for medical outcome studies, more efficient care, speedier communication among providers and management of health plans.

Dental record

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer K. Charangowda B K K. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Dental records consist of documents related to the history of present illness, clinical examination, diagnosis, treatment done, and the prognosis.

A thorough knowledge of dental records is essential for the practicing dentist, as it not only has a forensic application, but also a legal implication with respect to insurance and consumerism.


This article reviews the importance of dental records in forensics. Dental records, forensics, medicolegal Introduction Forensic odontology is the application of the art and science of dentistry to resolve matters pertaining to the law. Some of the diverse facets of this unique discipline can range from the identification of human remains to mass disaster management, from the assessment of bite marks and patterned skin injuries to the use of dental materials in the examination of evidence.

Dental professionals are compelled by law to produce and maintain adequate patient records. With the increasing awareness among the general public of legal issues surrounding healthcare, and with the worrying rise in malpractice cases, a thorough knowledge of dental record issues is essential for any practitioner.

The ability of clinical practitioners to produce and maintain accurate dental records is essential for good quality patient care as well as it being a legal obligation. The dental record provides for the continuity of care for the patient and is critical in the event of a malpractice insurance claim.

Good record keeping is fundamental for good clinical practice and is an essential skill for practitioners. The primary purpose of maintaining dental records is to deliver quality patient care and follow-up.

Dental records can also be used for forensic purposes and have an important role in teaching and research, as well as in legal matters.

The code of practice on dental records documents the minimum requirements for recording and maintaining dental records and describes some of the underlying principles to be applied by the practitioners in their record keeping.

Obviously this is a large amount of information and it is essential that a practitioner maintains this in an easily accessible manner.Nov 12,  · Just a quick question re.

dental records. I am going to register with a new dentist and am wondering if they can request my dental records, including X-rays, from my old dentist.

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Aetna offers health insurance, as well as dental, vision and other plans, to meet the needs of individuals and families, employers, health care providers and insurance agents/brokers. The . Nov 13,  · (b) A patient dental record shall be retained by a dentist for a minimum of 5 years from the date of the last dental entry.

(c) Within 30 days of receipt of a written request from a patient or.

Dental record

Forensic dentistry or forensic odontology is the application of dental knowledge to those criminal and civil laws that are enforced by police agencies in a criminal justice system. The Dental Record Chapter The recording of accurate patient information is essential to dentistry.

The dental record, also referred to as the patient chart, is the official office document that records diagnostic infor-mation, clinical notes, treatment done, referrals.

Dental record

Dental Record Request How to Request a Copy of your Dental Record (Protected Health Information) To obtain a copy of your dental record, you should submit a signed and dated Authorization to Disclose Dental Records Form (links to forms are located below).

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