Coping change

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Coping change

Are there techniques that we can use to help us cope when we hear a misophonia trigger sound and how can we stop that feeling of sheer panic from ruling us. You are already on the right path.

Remember the very first time you heard about it? Just knowing that this is a genuine disorder is a validation, a weight off the shoulders. In addition, because misophonia finally has a name, it also means that we can finally connect with one another and empathise and share stories.

What follows is a set of tips techniques that you may find helpful. I should stress that this does not constitute medical advice and these are not cures.

Always keep some earphones with you and to hand and make sure you use them if you need to. Put on some music, or a podcast or an audible book and block out, or at least dampen the triggers. Earphones are invaluable on public transport but can also be incredibly useful in work or study situations.

If you think you might need permission to wear earphones in your organisation try speaking to an understanding teacher or boss first. Try to put on some background noise during mealtimes Put some music on or have the TV on.

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It might sound counterintuitive — adding sound to sound — but the background noise does two things. It helps to drown out the triggers and it also helps to distract the brain.

Yes, you will still experience triggers but they will be less intense than if you were in an environment where the only thing you can hear is eating.

If you are in a relationship — and mealtimes are becoming particularly fraught — you could also trying sitting beside your partner rather than opposite them. This will help to keep the misokinesia visuals to a minimum and may also lessen the impact of the trigger sounds, simply because of the way sound travels.

The more relaxed you are in other areas of your life, the better you will be at dealing with triggers. Make sure you get good quality sleep each night, try to exercise long walks are great and get plenty of fresh air.

Headspace have a fantastic app which has a free set of mindfulness sessions. If you like it you can choose to subscribe, but the free sessions are great as standalones and you can simply repeat them if you wish. So what do you do?

Coping change

Take a tactical time out! If you have reached your limit find a way to politely excuse yourself. For example I often use the tea one at work. When you go the bathroom, lock the door and shake it out of your system think jazz hands and a bit of a shimmy.

The other thing you can do is try to make the negative into a positive. You get to remove yourself from the situation, rest yourself AND make friends in the process.

Colleagues eating at their desks… fidgeting and clicking, coughing and spluttering. Also see you can work from home one day a week. I do this and it has changed my life — only having to cope with 4 instead of 5 days of work triggers each week is a huge, huge help and has greatly lowered my overall stress levels.

Again this is easier said than done. If you have a deep and connected relationship with the person making the noise and they know and truly understand how misophonia can affect you then you may be able to let them know, gently, that you need some space or are being affected by a noise.

Think of situations outside of misophonia.Dealing with change can sometimes be uncomfortable, stressful or even scary. Here are some things you can do to make coping with changes in your life a little easier.

Change can be overwhelming for HSPs, but there are effective ways of coping HSPs feel everything intensely and it can be hard to predict when or how things will affect you. But change can often be. Many people feel emotional distress after a serious accident.

This page will help you develop your coping skills. Aug 10,  · Shape the norms. As a company experiences change, there will be many things that it should stop doing, and many things it should keep doing. Leaders need to ensure that certain norms are.

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