Collecting caps for cancer

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Collecting caps for cancer

Saving Plastic Bottle Caps for Chemotherapy Treatments or Prosthetic Limbs Collecting plastic bottle caps will provide chemo treatments to cancer sufferers or prosthetic limbs for wounded soldiers?

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Plastic bottle caps can be redeemed to provide chemotherapy treatments to cancer sufferers or prosthetic limbs for wounded soldiers. Supposedly, if you save 1, of these caps, someone is entitled to a free chemo treatment. Apparently, for every 1, caps collected, a patient can receive a chemotherapy treatment.

I was told that these caps are given to chemo patients who are uninsured for chemo treatment. They are supposed to receive one minute of free chemo for one bottle cap.

Collecting caps for cancer

Maybe this was once a false story but has now become true? People want to help; their hearts do go out to others, no matter what their own circumstances might be. Somehow people came to believe that a child in need of chemotherapy could be benefited through the collection of plastic caps from milk jugs, soda bottles, and water bottles; that for every so many of those items collected, that ailing tot would be given a chemo session free of charge.

No one knew the identity of the child although some who repeated the rumor specified he was a 5-year-old boyand the details about how many caps would earn a free session some said 1, some said 1, some said one minute for each plastic top shifted from telling to telling. As to who would be providing those cost-free cancer treatments, that too was up in the air: Over time, various hospitals were named as the putative parties that would trade chemo for caps, as was the American Cancer Society.

The method by which such a swap was to occur e. The collection effort was all in the name of aiding a sick kid. It was heady stuff.


Heady enough to keep people from looking too hard at the hoax in front of them and risking their seeing it for what it was. Plastic bottle caps have no inherent monetary value. There is therefore virtually no market for used plastic bottle tops.

Little worked to stop the spread of the hoax once it was underway. Parishioners were entreated to save their caps to aid this child, and to pass on this request to their co-workers and other contacts.

Said lids were to be taken to Raleigh General Hospital, a medical facility in that city. One of its employees, however, was collecting the caps by the vanload in the belief these otherwise discardables would help cancer patients, which is perhaps where the link between the caps collection and Raleigh General began.

Other churches in the area were similarly involved in the harvesting of bottle caps for the unnamed child.

They too asked their churchgoers to save these bottle caps and to ask their friends, neighbors, and employers to do so.

FACT CHECK: Saving Plastic Bottle Caps for Chemotherapy Treatments or Prosthetic Limbs

From there the rumor spread: Girl Scouts Troop of Ellerslie, Maryland, collected plastic bottle caps and turned them in to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, believing their efforts would give a cancer patient one free chemotherapy treatment.

Collection bins at area stores and businesses in Beckley, West Virginia, were stocked with thousands of bottle caps by folks who thought they were helping some poor unfortunate child gain the chemo treatments he or she so desperately needed.

Yet there never was such a child or such a program on his or her behalf. All efforts to locate the ailing tot failed, as did those to work out who to turn the caps over to or how to turn them into chemo treatments for anyone.

The American Cancer Society has this to say about the hoax: Thousands upon thousands of lovingly-collected caps were unceremoniously dumped in the trash once the hoax was revealed.

Collection bins were taken down, and new donations of caps were turned away. In August another version of the bottle cap hoax appeared at Bagram Airfield, a U. Air Force base in Afghanistan. Motivated by a rumor that came from no one knew where, personnel at that base began collecting caps from empty water bottles in the belief that those items would be recycled into prosthetic limbs for disabled servicemembers.Support us as an individual or group.

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Collecting caps for cancer

Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Kindhearted residents of the Orangeburg area have been collecting plastic bottle caps, thinking they were helping to pay for chemotherapy treatments for a sick child.

The American Cancer Society, however, says residents have been taken in by a hoax.

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